Monday, August 10, 2009


Like many couples, Sak and I have "our song". We'll have to decide whether we want to include it in our wedding, right? Well, here it is in all it's bum-shaking glory:

We're both big Franz Ferdinand fans, and we even got to see them in concert last March (and would see them again ANY day, they were great!). Of course we had heard the ever-famous "Take me Out" song from the Ipod commercials, but it was the Paradise Kiss ending trailer that really got us hooked.

Unfortunately, this isn't really 'first dance' material. So I don't think we'll be using this as the "our song"-representative at the wedding. Instead we'll be going with another favorite of ours:

"Lucky" Official Video With Colbie Caillat

Jason Mraz MySpace Video

I know the song is about two people that can't be together due to distance, but even though we no longer have that issue, we originally came from far distances. And summers were brutal! (Especially the one that Sak stayed in summer school! I nearly went crazy!) Plus, I really am in love with my best friend, and we sing this in the car all the time (Note: only in the car). Though Sak doesn't like switching sides and singing Colbie's part (He's no fun).

Now of course, somehow we must learn to dance..otherwise we will seriously just break out in the bum-shaking. Or worse! Head bobs! Or the point and clap!

Is "your song" un-dance-able (or even unappropriate *gasp!*)? Are you dancing to it anyway, or do you have an alternate song in mind?


  1. Hey! I love the blog! :D I will most definitely help out with anything that I can help out with. lol. My wording sounded so funny. I liked your songs btw. :)

  2. Yay! thanks cuz! What are you doing this saturday? We're going to be in salinas and were thinking of doing something crafty, and putting together something to mail to jimmy's baby boy Jae. (yes, he had a kid and didnt tell's already a month after the fact T_T)

  3. I'm pretty sure I'll be free. Just gimme a call when you get into town. :)