Friday, August 7, 2009

Double Happiness

So while Sak and I twiddled our thumbs and wondered what to make of an impending ceremony venue issue (more to come..), Mom-Penga was out doing some planning of her own:

They're 6x9" glass tealight candle holders bought from Ross, with the Chinese double-happiness character on the front (commonly used for weddings). Aren't they pretty? She thought they'd be perfect accents to our tablescapes, and I agree.

The only problem is that they are super fragile, so we may not be able to ship them to Hawaii.

However, in the case where we can't ship them, we can still use them for our second, at-home reception in my hometown of Salinas.

Destination wedding planners, did you ever find yourself limited by what you could reasonably ship to your location?

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