Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewn Together: The Movie!

When my family friend said he was building a portfolio for his new videography business, and wanted to use us Saks as guinea pigs - you better believe we were excited!

Ross was super professional, and one of the quickest, most attentive responders of all our vendors and friendors. He asked us repeatedly for our input, things we liked, didn't like, songs, etc. - but I tried to stay vague! After all, it was his portfolio - I wouldn't want to weird-it-up with some wacky request for synchronized lightsaber fights.

But you know what? Even without any direction from me - I think he captured our spirit perfectly. Check out our highlights video:
First reaction I had - "Awesome song, what is it?" Answer: White Dress by Ben Rector.

First reaction Sak had - "Is that a giggle I hear after our "salute"? BWAHAHAHA"

Oh man.

Anyway, the full-length vido is just as awesome, and I'm so thankful for all the time Ross and his sister (who was second-shooting) put into our lifetime keepsake! If you're in need of a videographer and are within the Central Coast - San Diego areas, you should definitely check him out at http://www.rossweddingfilms.com/.

And with that, I think I've covered just about everything from our crazy Hawaiian wedding. It was a fast-paced whirlwind of laughter and fun, and to ask for a better day would not only be incredibly selfish, but pretty much impossible! Thanks so much for helping us make it what it was, and for allowing me to share the results with you!

Up next - a quick look at another crazy party - our second reception!

Our wedding week in review:


  1. AHHHH Thoughts (in order):
    1. Your hair was so pretty. I am jealous of it.
    2. Your sister cracks me up.
    3. Your dress is gorgeous, it is so pretty when you're walking with your dad.
    4. Your brother looks like a pimp with all those ladies. Oh and man, he is tall!
    5. Your sister cracks me up.
    6. Little sister please do not fall in the water.
    7. You do not dance awkwardly, you're cute.
    8. You look so happy when you're holding the bouquet with flowers.
    9. Sak wiping your lips is super cute.
    10. I think I teared up, this is so sweet.

    Okay, that sums it up! LOVE THIS!

  2. I've kept coming back to this video since I saw it yesterday. I think my favourite part is where it breaks into the second verse, as you're walking down the aisle. It's just so tender and loving and awwwww. You're such a beautiful bride :D.