Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sewn Together: Line Dancing

Dim the lights and pump up the bass - it's dancing time!

But first - here's what you need to know about awkward people like us: we only dance to group or line dances.
So go ahead and pop a blood vessel at the thought - but about 80% of the songs during the dancing portion of our reception were line/group dances.
I think we played every song imaginable - Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Macarena, YMCA, and some I hadn't even heard of before. Cringing yet? The only one we didn't play was the chicken dance, and only because Sak had put it on the "do not play list" along with Soulja Boy.
The Macarena was popular with the men, oddly.
Aunt vs. Niece battle.

Luckily, the dancers in the crowd didn't mind the overload of line dances, and the awkward dancers like us joined in on the fun. As "uncool" as line dances may be - I guarantee people will get up and boogie when they play. It's like shouting the lines of your favorite movie out with the rest of the crowd during a special showing - you just can't help it!
Seriously, young man, you just can't stop.
The DJ even had the videos up on the screen if you didn't know the moves!
Sak's cousin teaches him to dance.


All better.
Much later in the evening one of our friends thought it would be funny to do a Rick Roll (I know, it's old, yeah yeah-), so he requested it of our DJ. Of course, it's only natural to start a conga line, because if we're going to be cheesy dancers, we might as well go all out.

And it was fun - more fun than I thought dancing could be, seeing as we never do it and didn't even want to have dancing at all. We were skeptical when Sak's parents insisted on a DJ, but it wasn't the empty, awkward dance floor that I was scared of. Not at all.
We ended with Flash Dance. Just a tad bit random.

(All photos courtesy family members)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. Every song that was played at your wedding was on my DO NOT PLAY list. I actually got a few complaints from guests about the cha-cha slide but we had 5 hours of music and everyone danced the entire time so I didn't want any of the cheesy stuff.

    Okay, I wanted cheese. Like singing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline as loud as humanly possibly cheese.

    Glad you enjoyed dancing, its my favorite pasttime!

  2. This all looks like so much fun! I love the expression on Penga Sis' face in the third photo. We had a lot of these songs on our Do Not Play list, but Soulja Boy was on our Must Play list, haha! My husband says that one of his favorite wedding memories is seeing me do the Superman dance in my white gown :)

  3. So much fun !!
    Love line dances :-).

    Happy Holidays.