Monday, December 27, 2010

Sewn Together: Details Part 2

Ready? It's the details, reception edition!
Some last minute paper stars I made to throw around here and there.
As guests entered, they picked up their escort card bookmarks from the front table.
(Photo by family)

(Photo by family)

Our homemade buttons were a big hit!

With their bookmarks in tow, they made their way to the tables.

I was really pleased at how cute our centerpieces came out, especially since the mock-up hadn't been too promising (odd camera shot, I'm guessing. Things never look the same as they do in real life). However, I am a little bummed that they forgot to add the ferns I had waxed on and on about. Can't win them all, I suppose.

Each table had a guestbook canvas for people to draw on.  Along with a glass of custom pencils for doing the program puzzles.

Pencil in action? (Photo by family)
A place setting with place card and cometa ribbon candy flower.

And our crazy table names of engineering numbers.
By the end of the night, all the numbers had been passed around and used as flashcards by the many engineers amongst our friends and family.
(Photo by family)
As for the button pins,we should have made more Pokeballs!
(Photo by family)
And of the 156 chair-cover bags we made, I can now honestly say there are only two left. Just for the two of us! They were so interesting (also read: weird), that one of the venue managers pulled Sak aside to ask how they worked. And if there's ever a sure-fire way to make an engineer happy, it's to ask him how something works.

There was my upcycled strawberry garter.

And the adorable Keroro and Tamama plushies made by Cousin T.

Along with another parasol made with this method, also a gift from Cousin T.  Hers came out so much better than mine - love the swirly letters!

(Photo by family)
 Indeed - we were a very, very happy couple. With lots of fun details to remember making!  And even better - hardly any leftovers at all.  I didn't mind one bit that people had trouble giving us hugs on the way out, because their arms were so full of swag they wanted to take. Even the origami lotus tea lights found homes! Though I would have been satisfied even if no one took anything, I must say - it does make one feel good to see her hard work enjoyed by others.  I guess not all guests overlook the details.  Either that or my mom told everyone to take stuff home to keep the bride from crying. Who knows!

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. Beautiful details! I love that the engineers in your life used the table numbers as flashcards - looks like you had a beautiful and fun reception!

  2. Love your wedding. If you weren't such a successful engineer I'd suggest you get into event planning!

  3. Love the details!! Your sister used the pokeball pin well :-P

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