Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Favor Redux

While I do the pro-pic wait, let's do some more projects, shall we? Projects are fun.

We'll start with favors for our fast-approaching second reception. There's just something about personalized favors that I love. Sure, they are by no-means necessary, but they can be so fun to make, give, and receive. It must be some side effect of that paraphernalia-collecting disease I'm afflicted with.

Anyway, we needed something usable, Chinese restaurant-appropriate, and of course something that can embody the saka-spirit.

Tea favors it is - now off we go!

To start off, we ordered a bunch of metal tins from SKS Bottle.

Then we picked up several different kinds of tea from our local Asian grocery store, and sampled them all. We chose green, genmai, jasmine and chrysanthemum - since they were available in big packs and not sketchy like oolong.

After designing a tea packet template, I doodled all over it. Sak suppressed a smile and tried to tell me they were too weird. Of course they are weird. We printed them out on recycled printer paper to ease a little bit of the guilt of using way too much paper. Sorry trees!

We cut them out and folded them into little pockets.

Here's the four different designs, along with their inner flaps:

After we folded 600 pieces of paper, we took a break to staple on new tags over the existing tea tags. Rebranding!

Then we stuffed the bag into the folded packet, and finished by tucking in the last flap.

Going back to the tins now, we put two almond cookies in the bottom of each. Who doesn't like some munchies with their tea?

In went one packet of each flavor. I didn't size the packets quite right though, so there was a little squashing involved to get them to fit in the tin.

We cut out some tags in black and white cardstock, and prepared to do the stamp-emboss. I custom ordered the 1" stamp from here. Obscure aside - can anyone name the anime the design was derived from?

After embossing, we punched some holes and cut some ribbon to wrap around our tin.

Here, have a tea favor!

And 149 more!

What's your favorite type of tea? Or are you like Sak, on team hot-choco-would-be-better?


  1. Where on earth do you find the time girl? Oh and I love all monkey references... namely because monkies are the devil. Devil I say!

  2. Very cute! I love all of your cartoons. I am amazed you have the energy for more crafting after your Hawaii wedding. You are amazing, and your guests will love these :)

  3. Um um um.... are they available for sale? They are SO FREAKING cute!!! Ahhhhhh. Love love love!

  4. I am always in awe of your DIY. In AWE!!

  5. Those are freaking amazing. I'm always so impressed by your creations! You are awesome!