Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sewn Together: Dinner and Deodorant

Dinner after our rehearsal was pretty standard, as far as rehearsal dinners go. We went to Hee Hing restaurant in Waikiki, which conveniently had underground parking. (Parking is a pain downtown.)
My mom spot-ordered off the menu when we got there, and like any good restaurant, they brought the food out hot and quick.

Everyone loves a duck burger!

Though I was worried about eating such a heavy meal the day before the wedding-nerves kicked in, the food was good, and it was really the last time I'd get to eat a complete meal for a couple days.

Part-way through, we presented our gifts to our parents, siblings and pastor.

The parents received gift certificates to Roy's.
As good as an Oscar for that drama act earlier?

The pastor got a donation for his support and some of his favorite muscat-grape candies.

My sister got one step closer to completing her Pokedex.

And our brothers..
They got deodorant.
Aqua Reef for my brother, since he spends so much time in the water, and Swagger for Sak's brother - since he's baller like that.

Maybe I should back up a bit? Sak has this thing with the Old Spice commercials - he thinks they are hilarious. He doesn't wear the stuff himself, but he loves the commercials. A couple Christmases ago we wrapped a tube of the stuff in a magazine ad with the D&D guy on it, and gave it to my brother. It was pretty funny, to say the least.

So to continue the joke, we gave them some more deodorant (you can never have too much, right?) along with a note that said "Here's tickets to that thing you love".

Before you think we gypped them with three-dollar antiperspirant, there were gift certificates for Ticketmaster enclosed in their cards. They are two college boys that love music, sports and a good time, so I hope they get to see something good with them!

What I didn't anticipate was that the deodorant would be such a big hit with everyone else too.
*sniff sniff*
Anyway, we had a good time eating and laughing with friends and family. Before we closed out the night we whipped out our cameras...
...And took some group pictures, because you can never have too many group pictures.

Though most went home to sleep after dinner, there proved to be just a little more in store for Sak and I that night...
Our wedding week in review:


  1. Wow lady, I didn't realize how long your hair had gotten! Majorly jealous over here :) Duck burgers are amazing, and I love the deodorant idea!

  2. Ugh. Your post made me so hungry.
    Love the inside jokes - I think thats what gets lost in gift giving - people forget that its not just about the "stuff"

  3. Love your cute dress! I think the inside joke is a sweet touch.