Sunday, October 17, 2010

Escort to the Photobooth, Please

One of the best parts of planning an at-home reception is being able to use all the cool ideas you found but never got to use the first time.

Starting with the DIY photobooth. It's been done by many a Bee in the past, but I happened to use Mrs. Pin Cushion's version for a starting point.

And yes, it's possible to fit 10-foot poles in a little Prius. Barely.

I won't bother with our measurements since they were ad-libbed - adjusted to fit our tallest guest and the width of the Ikea fabric we bought. It's pretty cool fabric, actually.

Though I admit we only bought it for Godzilla-type shots:

I also grabbed three red boxes at Ikea to fill with our props. There's a lot of props - what can I say? You'll have to wait and see what sorts of props, considering I don't have them all collected yet. But dinosaur hats are a given, rest assured!

Idea number two comes straight from Miss Glasses and her Japanese snack favors. I bought a couple of cute bento boxes from Daiso, with plans to fill them with our escort cards. I'll get to re-use the boxes later, yay!

For escort cards, we bought 5 cases of Pocky and gave each person a chocolate pack with their name on it.

The nametag will eventually point to the guest's table, where one is free to sit where one wants.

I say, what's the point of all this inspiration if you never get to use any of it? I'm thankful to everyone's great ideas, obviously!

What projects have inspired you, to the point of including them in your celebration?


  1. Yay DINOSAUR HATS!! Love Pocky! :-D

  2. Love the escort cards, and the fabric you found is awesome! P.S. keeping my fingers crossed for sunny skies for both of us this weekend :)

  3. I love that fabric! Goooooo IKEA!!

  4. i didn't know you could get fabric at ikea!