Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sun 'n Saks: Taking Care of Business

After a stressful day of last-minute details, we woke up early to meet with "H", a kimono dresser. I entered her seemingly western house, finding an entire traditional tea room set up inside! Whoa!
Turns out, H teaches tea ceremony classes at the Japanese Cultural Center (our venue!). It was really a neat experience to be dressed in such a traditional setting, as opposed to our messy living room back home.And we finished in just about thirty minutes. Sweet.

After that successful meeting with H, I felt a whole lot better about the kimono change. I was really worried that it would take forever, and that I would miss the whole party! And just to note - on the actual day itself - dressing only took 15 minutes. H is a kimono dressing speed machine.

Next, we headed downtown to drop off our cake topper at Satura Cakes. I cannot say enough about how wonderful our cake-coordinator, Kristy, was - she took good care of Sak's "baby", even coming to oversee the final set up herself!

And while we were in the area - we might as well get our marriage license too, right?
We popped in, paid our $60, took an oath to promise we weren't lying about our age - and that was it!
After accomplishing so much, all before lunchtime - we headed back to the hotel, pumped for some out-of-town bag assembly.We stuck mostly to our original plan, using whatever treats we could find individually wrapped at Costco. Sak's brother ate any and all leftover snacks.

Once my parents had landed and unpacked at the hotel, we loaded their rental van with all our reception decor.

After a quick stop at Zippy's for some snacks and an Orange Bang (melted Creamsicle in a cup!), we ran off to our venue to meet our decorator/coordinator - the hive's own HitchedinHawaii!
After I freaked out in a post about not having any time to set-up, Maria graciously took pity on me and sent me a PM with an offer of help! And seriously, I would have been stuck in some crazy stinky hole without this fellow bride. She really knows her stuff! Three cheers for the 'bee, from me!After stuffing all our crap into her truck, and realizing we had forgotten to bring a few signs, we headed over to the University of Hawaii to hang out with my brother a bit. Some of his friends would be playing Maria's assistants on the day of, so it was good to queue things up with them. Then another Wal-Mart trip, and it was back to the hotel to find the missing signs and finish up some last minute poofs.
I must say, transferring all the wedding stuff to Maria felt SO good, like I was tossing away all my built-up wedding stress (sorry, Maria!). And with that, my brain switched to full vacation-mode, and I was ready to relax. Business was done, and the fun could officially start. At least for now.
(All pictures by either my parents, my in-laws, or myself)


  1. wow, you guys got so much done! i'm loving reading your recaps, penga. so glad you're back & blogging!

  2. So great that you found your DOC through weddingbee! It really is such a great resource for brides. Love your OOT bags - the colors are so fun!

  3. 1) I love how you had someone photo documenting this for you. It makes me love you even more.
    2) I can't believe you planned out so many details. I mean, I remember you planning them. I just forgot.
    3) Why didn't you invite me? I WOULD HAVE HELPED.
    Just sayin'