Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sun 'n Saks: Beach Brunch

Finally, on the eve of our wedding day, it was beach brunch time!
Early that morning, Sak was left at Zippy's to wait for our humongous order of breakfasts. My dad and I went to the local grocery store, FoodLand, to grab some fruit - and Penga-Dad got sidetracked by the huge display of poke (marinated sashimi). He came back with a couple buckets of spicy and not-so-spicy varieties. Not on the original menu, but definitely no complaints here.

We lugged all our supplies over to an empty spot on the beach, far from the main thoroughfare of Waikiki.
As guests arrived, I offered them breakfast - their choice of Portuguese sausage, spam, egg and rice; spam, corned beef hash, egg and rice; or breakfast sausage, corned beef hash, egg and rice. Variety, ha!
Of course - they could add some pineapple or papaya to cut the grease, and try some of the tasty poke.

I was happy that nearly all our out-of-town guests could come.
Some even came on rented mopeds!
I'm glad they were happy to see me too!

They ate.

Climbed palm trees.

Swung on Banyan tress (until Sak yelled at us for being mean to the poor tree).

Traded Pokemon.

Napped in the warm breeze.

Took group photos.
Interestingly, all the people in this photo had the same English teacher in high school - Mrs. B in the middle!

And hit the water, of course.
I was forbidden from entering the water though - as I was already sporting the tell-tale sign of tourism: a sunburn. I hid under a sarong and took a nap. What a horrible hostess this girl is.
As the afternoon wore on, we packed up and headed back for some much-needed showers. "Wedding" came back to the forefront of my mind, and there would be no stopping from that point on.
In hindsight, it's kind of interesting that there's a monkey behind me.

Penga tip: Try to let go of your stress and remember to have fun before your wedding. Even if it's just a little bit. :)



    But you should de-stess... great tip

  2. Looks like a great time . . . I'd give anything to be napping on the beach right about now! I'll definitely try to get some downtime in before all the craziness kicks off!