Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sew in Love

Aloha! Shiny-new-husband Sak and I have finally returned from the only vacation we can afford to have for the next couple years, ha! Or rephrased, we are happily married and back from an unforgettable honeymoon!

Although I'm still battling the brutal fog of international time travel, there's a stack of pending thank you cards calling my name, and an enticing Google Reader with more than a thousand unread articles - I wanted to pop in and say thank you for all your kind words in my last post. Sak and I really enjoyed reading them together.

Unfortunately I don't actually remember everything from the wedding since it was such a blur. Hopefully as we go through recaps together I'll remember! I know I married Sak. That was the important part. And I was smiling all night, crooked teeth and all! And even though my dress ended up really muddy, it didn't fall apart! Victory is ours!

Married life is still so surreal though. Have I really been gone a month? It feels like time really did fly out the window. Sak still fiddles with the foreign piece of metal around his finger, unused to the feel of a ring. I still giggle when I call him husband. We are still learning not to fight over a shared blanket. We still smile the same, sappy smile of newlyweds - like two people that know a great secret that the rest of the world does not. It takes more than a month to get used to the change, it seems.

But enough reflection! I'm off to sort through 25 gigs worth of Japan pictures. And while we wait for the wedding pictures to roll in, here's a sampling of great shots from the ever-talented Barbara of Terra Photography. She kindly had a nice patch of teasers ready and waiting for us upon our return - such a great "welcome home" surprise!

Now, tell me - what's the quickest way to get over jet lag? I feel like a zombie!


    (I think I'm borderline stalker. Sorry.)

    Okay Picture 1 - you look HOT. Like beautiful. Like what brides want to look like always.

    Group Photo - LOVE your little sister. She is so cute in this one.

    Last photo of you two dancing - Look at the smile on Sak's face. He is just so cute and so happy and so proud. Yay for Sak!

    To answer your question: Healthy diet and exercise. Give yourself a routine and your body will follow along. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies - you've probably been missing a lot of good for you vits and nutrients.

  2. Yay, welcome back! I love that photo of the two of you under the gazebo - both of you look really tall :)

    As for jet lag, I am a bad sufferer of it, too - forcing yourself to stay up during daylight hours helps, as does drinking lots of emergen-C. Good luck!

  3. Welcome back Penga!!!!!! Yah that gazebo Hawaiian sky picture is awesome!! :) And you look gorgeous in general :]

    Thanks for alllllll the comments haha. They've been missed!

  4. Welcome back! I can't wait for your recaps!! :)

  5. So happy you're back!! Your pictures are so beautiful. I'm so excited to read your recaps. :)

  6. I'm excited to read your recaps too. Your wedding pics are beautiful. Congratulations to you both. :-D

  7. you look beautiful! Congrats to both of you!