Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honeymoon Essentials - Part 1

While I still have absolutely no idea how I'm going to summarize our trip to Japan in just a few posts (for the 'bee anyway..you a-listers here get every.single.detail. sorry!) - I do have a very clear understanding of what was and was not necessary on the honeymoon. Jackets, for instance, were definitely a waste of precious luggage space - given temperatures were practically always in the humid 90's - 100's. I feel sticky just thinking about it.

Anyway, we found that if there's one absolutely-must-have item for any honeymoon, minimoon, or whatevermoon - it would be this:
The travel tripod.

If my mother hadn't bought us this handy little device, all of our pictures would have looked like this:
If you notice on the left, our big fat heads are covering the big gold shrine we're supposedly trying to take a picture in front of!

Or they might all look like this:
Yes, Sak went on vacation by himself. Wifu? What wifu?

Luckily though, with the tripod and the ten-second timer on our camera, we were able to get a little less face, a little more scenery, and a little more coupley-ness.

I know you could always just ask someone else to take your picture for you ("Sumimasennnn - cheeesuuu?"), but there might be places you'll go where there's no one around:

Or you might be doing something strange or embarrassing that you don't want anyone else to see:

Of course, someone might always ruin your shot since the tripod is so little:

So make sure you throw up the peace/victory sign to let everyone around you know that you're taking a picture!
Convinced yet? Definitely add a travel tripod to your pack list. It takes up much less room than completely useless jackets!


  1. what a smart idea - never thought about it. most of our pictures are either the "smooshy face" or of just one of us.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing - we leave for our honeymoon soon and we'll need this! Do you mind sharing which brand you have? :)

  3. @bigapplehamster - I have no idea, actually! It's a knock-off of the ever popular Gorilla Pod though. Maybe start there? :)

  4. Such a great idea! We never thought to bring one of these, so we end up just taking a lot of pictures with just one of us in it. Sadness. I'll definitely add this to my list of things to buy soon!

  5. Oh good, I just ordered a new camera bag and the gorillapod thing to arrive before our honeymoon, and I've been second-guessing that decision a little. Yay, reassurance! (Love the pictures!)

  6. This is a great idea!! We have so many of the close up face pictures.

  7. I LOOOOOVE MINE!! But we usually end up with too many arm pics (though I'll have to say I'm good at them... :oP) cause I'm too lazy to take it out and set it up :-P


    Thank you, however, for thinking of it because I loved your photos.

  9. @alvina - yes, beating the lazy urge is difficult! >.>"

    @gator - you travel enough! get one for your next adventure! :)