Thursday, July 30, 2009

Save the Dates Phase 1

'Save the Date' cards are what most people do if they decide to do anything 'DIY'. So naturally, I will be making my own as well. I decided to draw mine. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but it's been a long hobby of mine, and you know, it's just plain cuter than the real Saka and Penga.

Hard at work!

Above is the main image we'll be using. The plan is to turn these into little 2x3" magnets from Vista Print, attach them to some kind of card, and mail away! However, we have yet to decide on a suitable background. What's simple, but not too simple? Mom-Peng & Sister-Peng made me a version with a Mario Bros. scene in the background (us jumping into a pipe and everything!). Unfortunately, I'm thinking that my images aren't "pixelly" enough to vibe with the 8-bit feel of an old-school game.

As for the wording, it will definitely include something along the lines of "Saka and Penga are advancing the storyline", since the pic is a light reference to our love of RPGs (role playing games). Kicking off our first project sure is exciting!

If you're doing them at all, did you do anything on the unconventional side for your save-the-dates?

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