Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sewn Together: At-Home Reception Part 2

Round Two! Go, go, power reception!

Once everyone was finished stuffing themselves for dinner, desserts were brought out. Isn't it amazing how there's always room for dessert?
China Stix's mango flan is simply amazing with it's delicious pureed mango on the top, and I ate two cups.
The dessert table was also a huge hit, mostly thanks to Penga-Aunt's fantastic homemade cookies.

They went so fast I didn't get to try them all, so she made me a special batch of everything this Christmas. The jam thumbprints are probably my favorite. So delicious!
Cookie line!

Penga-Aunt restocking her delectable sweets.

We had all our favorites, actually. From mini princess cakes...
IKEA sells them in a box, how awesome is that?

to tres leches cake!

Stocked up on sugar, my sister then helped break out the bingo. Deemed too "unclassy" by Sak for the actual wedding, it was fair game for this party. And even better, there happened to be like 20 children under the age of 12 in attendance, so bingo was a solid kid-friendly activity.

I bought pre-cut bingo cards from Daiso, which made for an easy and dot blotter-less way to play. And inside about a dozen or so leftover chair cover bags, Penga-Mom put random (and I do mean random) small prizes.

Someone gave Penga-Sis the microphone, and I'm only sorry no one videotaped her hammed-up performance.

"Tweeeellllveee. Seven plus five is Twellllveee."

Maybe because she was surrounded (by the most part) by people she knew well, she really went wild with the theatrics. She had the crowd, most of whom were itching at that point from lack-of-world-series watching, in complete stitches.

Prizes ranged from (much coveted) Pokemon figurines, to Japanese toilet deodorizing drops (they work like magic, I tell you). It was pretty hilarious.
Let's see...A frog planter, Star Wars puzzle, stuffed turkey,  coffee and mug, and My Little Pony!
Once all the prize bags had been claimed, emcee Penga-bro called everyone's attention to the photobooth and our four boxes of props. It's evident that we made the backdrop width much too short, but all the crazy photos split my sides regardless.

Mario...and pink Luigi?

"I know what you did last summer!"

Wand ear-swabs.


Honestly I have no idea where half the props even came from.

Operator? Operator?


A photobooth also doubles as a talent show.

Domo? Wait, I think that's some Pretzels in disguise!

"Bring on the Mushmom!"


Nevermind Mothma, Godzilla fights his cousin!


Oh, photobooth.  You are the best wedding trend since big fat wedding cakes. I hope you stay around forever, because you make me laugh and smile so much.

We had a wonderful second reception, as unpolished and mish-mashed as it was.  So for those of you planning your own - no, it won't be the same as your wedding, but it can be something equally awesome in it's own special way.   Food and laughter is really all you need. And you might even get away with laughter alone if your friends and family aren't voracious carnivores like mine.

(All photos by family members)

Our wedding in review:


  1. I love that your photo booth was such a hit! I think they're a great (and totally cheap) way to provide some fun entertainment and great photos for years to come!

  2. So. Much. Dessert! Loves it. Also, your photobooth background is awesome!

  3. Everything looks like so much fun! I know what you mean about baseball - we actually asked our emcee to make an announcement when the Giants won that night. Turns out a bunch of my co-workers were outside watching the game on their smartphones :)

  4. Haha so much fun! And great use of Daison for EVERYTHING! haha. I spy those Daiso superhero masks! haha.

  5. How fun! And the desserts are making me drool!